TOP-10 makeup YouTube channels for your influencer marketing campaign

Makeup YouTube is a golden mine not only for cosmetics brands but also for those who sell different goods for women (not only for them, of course, but statistically, the audiences of such channels are mostly women). It’s cool when your lipstick color matches with your nails color and also the color of your purse, right? That’s it. Or maybe you’re a developer of a health app? Surely, health is the first thing that our beauty depends on, so you definitely can find your target audience on makeup YouTube channels.


BuzzGuru is here to help you find the TOP-10 makeup YouTubers out there. Our discovery and analytics platform not only makes the search process fast and easy but also allows to do the research on the selected influencers' performance. Read further and see how it works.



Definitely one of the most well-known makeup YouTubers out there, Jeffree Star has 16 million subscribers. The BuzzGuru analytics platform shows that the average views count on his videos is nearly 1 million. Note that BuzzGuru doesn’t consider viral videos that have a lot more views as they can’t be named “average”, while there is a possibility that his video with your ads in it will become viral too – it’s a cool bonus.

Sandra Cires Art


Sandra has also reached the milestone of 16 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her average views count is already above 1 million. Note that Sandra’s broadcast language is Spanish. You can also see what apps she has promoted so far, for example, Cooking Fever – a hyper casual mobile game.




Here is another big makeup YouTube channel with Spanish broadcasting language. The Musas channel has 15.2 million subscribers and over 800 thousand views on average on its videos. The engagement rate is slightly higher than that of the previous influencers. To better understand what type of ads the Musas channel can suggest you, watch the sponsored videos that are already there.




Despite the creator being from the Netherlands, the broadcast language of the channel is English. Nikkie has almost 14 million subscribers and her videos get almost 900 thousand views on average. And the engagement rate is, once again, a bit higher than that of the previous creators on our list. There are apps as well as some sites mentioned in sponsored videos on the NikkieTutorials channel.


Narins Beauty


The influencer is from Sweden, but the broadcast language of the Narins Beauty YouTube channel is Arabic. There are more than 13 million subscribers, and the average views count is almost 3.5 million – wow, big numbers here! Same for the engagement rate that continues to rise from creator to creator. And some interesting and useful data on promoted apps and sites. You can see the number of sponsored videos and how they performed.



Before you see the profile page, look at the search results. First, you don’t have to type the whole YouTube channel name if you don’t want to or just don’t remember it – BuzzGuru still finds what’s relevant. Second, there are two channels of the same creator: the one with Spanish broadcast language and the one with English. 


Let’s take a look at the one that is bigger.


The HellomaphieMX YouTube channel has almost 11 million subscribers. The average number of views is relatively small, but the engagement rate is still quite high for such a big channel. Why is the view count that modest? Look at the latest videos.


Ah, it’s clear: most of them are actually Shorts. The HellomaphieMX channel started as a makeup one, but it seems it has switched towards short entertainment videos.

Franciny Ehlke


A Portuguese speaking influencer from Brazil who has won hearts of 10.5 million subscribers. Note the high engagement rate – Franciny has 8.5% while channels with similar subscribers number only have 3.33% on average.


Mari Maria


Another Portuguese speaking beauty on YouTube. And yet another one with quite a high engagement rate – 9.7%. Mari is on her way to the 10 million subscribers milestone. What about the sites the influencer promotes? There are 25 of them including her own, here are some of them.


Shruti Arjun Anand


A girl from India who speaks mainly English and has more than 9.8 million subscribers on YouTube. Makeup is not her only interest: there are a lot of entertainment videos on the channel.


BuzzGuru also shows the most common for the channel video categories.


Niki and Gabi


This YouTube channel was created by twin sisters. They show themselves as opposites, and make not only makeup videos but also share their lifestyle, thoughts, and emotions. All this won them almost 9.5 million subscribers and got them on our TOP-10 list.


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