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What are the best influencer marketing tactics to drive sales?

Successful brands, which keep up with the times, now include influencer advertising campaigns in their marketing strategy. This is not surprising — promotion with opinion leaders is one of the most effective ways to reach the target audience on social media networks and increase sales for an optimal budget. This makes influencer marketing tactics for sales crusial. So, how to use this tool correctly to get the required results? What are the best influencer marketing practices in 2022? Let’s find out!

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a tool for promoting products and services on social media networks. Brands collaborate with opinion leaders, who advertise their products or services on their pages on popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok and others. The success of such campaigns is ensured by the time-tested principle: people are more likely to trust the recommendations of those whose authority is high enough for them. The concept of promotion can be varied and depends on business goals and the specific of a particular opinion leader’s channel, but the main rule of influencer marketing communications is that they should be native and unobtrusive.

If brands choose effective influencer marketing tactics and the right influencers for the advertising campaigns, the influencers' subscribers are more likely to become interested in the offers and convert into customers after seeing the ad at once or in the future.

Are influencer marketing tactics for sales and marketing effective?

In general, the effectiveness of influencer marketing highly depends on whether your influencer marketing tactics for sales suits your product type or not. To check this, before choosing any of the tactics for influencer marketing, go through the important points below:

  • Your target audience uses the selected social network and they are ready to consume your ads. For example, you have chosen Facebook as a platform for promotion, but nothing works out because your target audience is concentrated on TikTok. Or they are on Facebook, but not really going to be involved in their favourite influencer’s new post during the working communications they carry out there. So, before choosing a social network and opinion leaders to place ads, make sure that the right people at the right time will see it.
  • You selected the right opinion leaders. How to understand that influencers are suitable for promoting your brand? Well, the portraits of their followers should match the portraits of your clients. Therefore, carefully examine the content and subscribers of opinion leaders before offering them cooperation.
  • The ads should have the right tone of voice. It is very important to trust the influencers during the preparation of an advertising message. Give them more freedom of creating an advertising post or video! It will turn out to be a productive cooperation because opinion leaders know how to reach the audience, and you or your marketers know the levers to move so that followers click on the link and go to your site.

Can influencers really drive sales?

Sure! For example, Daniel Wellington, a Swedish watch brand, made about $230 million revenue in 2016 and has sold over 6 million watches with influencer marketing campaigns. Well, we almost guarantee you've seen their ads yourself on Instagram or YouTube!

Daniel Wellington collaboration with an influencer on Instagram

Daniel Wellington collaboration with an influencer on Instagram

Daniel Wellington has grown, thanks to influencer marketing. They gave out watches to influencers for free and asked them to advertise them in their posts and videos. They also gave special discount coupon codes for potential buyers. Believe it or not, this widely known and represented in multiple countries brand started with an initial investment of $15,000.

So, if applied correctly, influencer marketing can be a great tool in achieving your sales goals. However, it is worth remembering that influencer marketing is not a general key to big sales, but one of the tools that can be very resultative. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with other types of promotions, which are relevant for your brand: such as SMM, SEO, search engine advertising, targeting, etc.

How to increase sales through influencer marketing?

When you've chosen the perfect opinion leaders to promote your brand, it’s time to figure out which influencer marketing practices are the best for boosting sales.

Influencer marketing best tactics & practices

  1. Give the influencer a discount promo code. Lowering the price of products can substantially drive sales and attract new customers, like in the case of Daniel Wellington. Tell potential buyers that the discount is valid only for them and limit the period of time when they can use it. Thus, consider the possibility to provide opinion leaders with a promo code and let them place it in their advertising posts or videos. It will also help you to track your customers and measure the ROI of the campaigns.
  2. Create an exclusive offer to promote the product through influencers. The same principle works here as with a personal discount promo code. Sales are increasing because customers, along with the main product, also receive something in addition. This can be, for example, another product as a gift, free shipping, a discount on the next item, and so on.
  3. Develop a product together with influencers. This is an influencer marketing tactic when you allow opinion leaders to your production. For example, if you have a local coffee shop, the influencer can create a unique dessert with you, which you will sell on his or her behalf and thus raise sales at the expense of fans.
  4. Invite influencers to become affiliates. In this case, they will receive a percentage of sales. Opinion leaders will be directly interested in the sales drive, so they will advertise your brand more often and diligently.

How to use influencer marketing?

Try out one of the mentioned influencer marketing tactics: to do that you need to find the right influencers, who are ready to cooperate with your brand and can reach your target audience. You can search for them manually in the social networks by several requirements, such as content topics, number of subscribers, broadcast language, and so on. But it will most likely take a lot of time. In order to optimize your marketing efforts, use the convenient BuzzGuru platform with the complete database of influencers on popular networks. You can search for, analyze opinion leaders and decide whether they are worth cooperating with — all on one platform.

BuzzGuru has smart filters, which help you to search for opinion leaders by specified parameters, such as categories of content, views, subscribers, country, broadcast language and many others. If you want to evaluate the general trends and discover popular influencers, you can check out our TOP-100 lists, in which we collect the best opinion leaders by the number of subscribers, views, engagement rate and other useful metrics.

Top 100 influencers

The top 100 influencers on BuzzGuru

How to develop an effective influencer marketing strategy?

After selecting your preliminary list of influencers, you need to analyze their pages and the effectiveness of their previous advertising campaigns. This will help to avoid inefficient cooperation, loss of money and implement the planned sales plan on time.

BuzzGuru helps marketers to analyze influencers and decide if they are worth cooperating with or not — almost in no time! We have the complete and up-to-date information on every influencer on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok. You can go to the opinion leader’s page on the service and check out the dashboard with multiple indicators, including:

  • Number of subscribers
  • Average views
  • Average number of likes
  • Approximate integration cost
  • Engagement rate
  • Channel quality
  • Sponsored videos and many others.

Ninja statistics

The influencer statistics dashboard on the BuzzGuru platform

Way to automate the process

Effective influencer marketing practices can bring you sales more than once, so you will need to keep the contacts of the influencers to get in touch with them again with a new offer of cooperation. This process can be slightly automated with BuzzGuru: you can create custom lists with influencers’ contacts in your personal account. And next time, you do not need to perform evaluation and search operations for suitable opinion leaders, but directly refer to these lists.


As we have seen, influencer marketing can drive your sales, but only if you use the above-mentioned tactics wisely. Before launching an advertising campaign with one of the practices, make sure that this tool is suitable for your brand and your target audience is among the subscribers of the selected influencers. BuzzGuru platform helps marketers at each of these stages. Check out the functionality for free now!


Effective influencer marketing sales tactics often involve a high degree of authenticity and creative control for the influencer. These may include:

  • Product reviews. Influencers can provide genuine reviews of your products or services. This builds trust with their audience and can drive purchases.
  • Promo codes and affiliate links. Providing influencers with unique promo codes or affiliate links for your products can entice their audience to make purchases while also allowing you to track the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Takeovers. Allowing an influencer to 'take over' your brand's social media account for a day can generate buzz and interest in your product.
  • Collaborations. Co-creating a product with an influencer can generate interest and lead to direct sales. This type of partnership can result in a unique product that appeals to the influencer's dedicated audience.

Influencer marketing can contribute to sales growth by reaching new audiences, building trust and brand awareness, and driving purchase decisions:

  • Reach new audiences. Influencers can help your brand reach new, relevant audiences that you might not be able to reach otherwise.
  • Build trust. Influencers have established trust with their audience. When they endorse your brand, it lends credibility and can sway purchase decisions.
  • Drive purchase decisions. Influencer promotions and recommendations can directly result in sales. Consumers often turn to influencers for advice and recommendations on purchases.

Influencer marketing can blur the lines between sales and marketing, combining the two through tactics like:

  • Affiliate marketing. This involves influencers promoting a product and earning a commission from the sales they drive. It's a blend of sales (the actual transaction) and marketing (the promotion of the product).
  • Co-branded products. Collaborating with an influencer to create a co-branded product is another way to mix sales and marketing. The influencer markets the product, and sales are a direct result of this partnership.
  • Sponsored content. This typically involves influencers creating content to showcase a product or service. The content serves as marketing, while any purchases resulting from the content count as sales.

Influencer marketing typically targets consumers, but it can also be used to target sales associates in the following ways:

  • Training content. Influencers who are experts in their fields can create content to train sales associates on the features and benefits of a product.
  • Motivation and engagement. Influencers can be used to motivate sales associates by sharing success stories, providing tips and insights, or even by creating motivational content.
  • Creating demand. When influencers effectively market a product, they create demand. This can make a sales associate's job easier as customers are already interested in the product.

To increase sales through influencer marketing, consider the following strategies:

  • Choose the right influencer. The influencer's audience should align with your target customer. The influencer's style, tone, and values should also align with your brand.
  • Use trackable links and codes. This allows you to measure the success of the campaign in terms of sales and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Utilize user-generated content. Encourage influencers to generate content about your product or service. This content can then be repurposed in your marketing efforts.
  • Incorporate calls to action. Ensure that the influencer includes a clear call to action in their content, guiding their audience towards a purchase.
  • Regular collaboration. Consistently working with the same influencers can result in increased brand recognition and trust, leading to a potential rise in sales.


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