REPORT: Influencer marketing benchmarks and trends 2023

BuzzGuru shortlisted as the Best Influencer Marketing Technology

The shortlist for the 2022 Influencer Marketing Awards is out and we are happy to announce that BuzzGuru was shortlisted for the category called “Best Influencer Marketing Technology”. And it’s quite a precise description of what we are doing here, actually. The BuzzGuru Competitive Intelligence for Influencer Marketers is a tool that makes high-tech and influencer marketing meet. Our mission is to put technology at the service of marketing to achieve greater results than it was ever possible. We have been working hard to make this dream come true and being on the shortlist of the award shows that we have succeeded! 

It is our great delight to thank the judges of the 2022 Influencer Marketing Awards and each of our clients, partners, and friends. The BuzzGuru team never stops, so we are already working on making our analytics platform even better for you!

About 2022 Influencer Marketing Awards

The Influencer Marketing Awards (or just IMAs) celebrate effective, creative, and inclusive collaborations that authentically connect brands with consumers, as the organizers say. The awards were established to put a spotlight on the most creative, innovative, and simply smart marketing campaigns and technologies. In 2022, we will be the prideful witnesses of the 4th IMAs hosted by Talking Influence. The winners will be announced on June 9, 2022 during the ceremony in London. The international jury of experts will finally determine who will take home gold, silver, and bronze awards.

IMAs are an international event, global in nature, and internationality and diversity are applied in all the spheres: the nominees and judges are from around the globe. Speaking of the judges, they all are experts with a vision of the future of marketing. The judging panel this year includes influencer marketing professionals from such companies as Volvo, IBM, Wella, Influencer Marketing Lab, and more.  

About BuzzGuru

BuzzGuru started as a creative influencer marketing agency in 2017. Now BuzzGuru is an international company concentrated on developing and evolving the influencer marketing industry. We work with and for marketers and brands. The two main branches of our company are the agency that works directly with the clients and the development team that constantly works on improving our analytics platform.

Speaking of which. Our pride is our own SaaS marketing technology platform. We tailored it to save time and human resources when running influencer marketing campaigns. The BuzzGuru analytics platform helps search for relevant influencers, analyze their audiences and competitors’ advertising campaigns. 

In the end, our mission is to help brands and agencies scale their businesses and grow their revenue using one of the most effective and fast-growing marketing channels – influencers on social media, – combined with technology that makes it all easier and more efficient.

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