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BuzzGuru empowering Famesters agency to scale, add new services, and reduce costs

Famesters is a full-cycle service influencer marketing agency that masters every facet of launching powerful advertising campaigns with influencers on all the most popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, etc.

The agency provides comprehensive marketing solutions, focusing primarily on four key industry verticals: Gaming, Apps & Software, Finance, and iGaming.

Famesters' clientele includes several market leaders such as Opera, Konami, miHoYo, Electronic Arts, Garena, 1xBET, Yager, FxPro, and Exness, reflecting its established credibility and effectiveness in the field.

Famesters’ 6+ years of experience and global presence, covering 65 countries and boasting of successful campaigns on various platforms, ensure the brand gains comprehensive exposure. The agency offers a unique blend of industry expertise, data-driven strategies, and comprehensive influencer marketing solutions.



The Famesters influencer marketing agency, despite its cutting-edge solutions, did face several professional challenges:

  • Too much monkey work that prevented the agency employees from growing. The influencer marketing industry involves a high volume of routine tasks such as searching for influencers across different platforms, getting and calculating data manually, then tracking and analyzing it, producing regular reports, etc. Balancing this workload while keeping up with creative and strategic tasks can be a challenge.
  • Scalability constraints. The agency's growth was inevitably tied to the need for additional labor. Scaling the operations, especially in the face of increasing client demands, necessitates hiring more professionals, which added to overhead costs and managerial complexity.
  • Opaque processes. While the agency makes a concerted effort to be as transparent as possible, some processes inherently involved a degree of uncertainty. Influencer selection, negotiations, and campaign planning can seem non-transparent when clients don’t have full understanding of the agency’s processes.
  • Dynamic statistics. The landscape of influencer marketing is constantly changing, as are the platforms they operate on. This requires the agency to be consistently updated with real-time statistics, tracking changing trends, and adjusting strategies accordingly. Managing this constant flux in data manually takes too much time, there’s also a risk of falling behind.
  • Manual report writing. In an industry where success is measured by data, creating detailed and comprehensive reports is crucial. However, manual report creation is a time-consuming and complex process. It involves collecting data from various sources, analyzing it for insights, and presenting it in a format that's easy to understand for clients. This challenge can be amplified when managing multiple campaigns across various platforms, as each requires a unique set of metrics to track and report.


BuzzGuru offers a suite of tools and features designed to specifically address the challenges that influencer marketing agencies, including Famesters, face:

  • Routine work automation. BuzzGuru's comprehensive database of over 27 million influencers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch streamlines the process of influencer discovery. The 30+ smart filters and AI-driven data analysis drastically reduce the amount of manual labor required, freeing up employees to focus on creative and strategic tasks.
  • Enhancing scalability. BuzzGuru’s advanced automation features are a game-changer for scaling operations. The platform works like an employee that doesn’t need a desk. An efficient employee, available 24/7 and solving multiple tasks automatically. With the ability to manage and organize multiple campaigns in one place provided by BuzzGuru, Famesters can efficiently scale their operations without the need to significantly increase their workforce. This is particularly advantageous as client demands rise.
  • Increasing transparency via advanced campaign management tools. BuzzGuru’s intuitive interface allows clients to monitor their campaigns in real-time, making the agency's processes more transparent. The platform's detailed analytics and automated reports provide clients with a clear understanding of influencers’ performance and campaign results, eliminating any doubts or confusion about the agency’s processes.
  • Instantly providing dynamic statistics. BuzzGuru constantly updates data to reflect the ever-changing landscape of influencer marketing. The platform keeps pace with real-time trends and helps adjust strategies accordingly, ensuring Famesters to have the most fresh data at any time without performing continuous manual research.
  • Automating report creation. Manual report creation is a thing of the past with BuzzGuru. The platform provides automated, detailed analytics on each influencer’s performance and campaign results, saving significant time and effort. The platform’s feature of visualizing data in organized charts and tables makes it easy for clients and marketing specialists to understand the reports, even when managing multiple campaigns across various platforms.


BuzzGuru allows Famesters to reduce costs, scale business, and add new valuable services for their clients. The figures speak for themselves:

  • Time needed for influencer marketing campaign launch reduced by 75%.
  • Accuracy in influencer selection increased by 85%.
  • Automated real time reporting eliminates manual report creation, freeing 30% of marketing specialists’ and designers’ time.
  • Due to extensive usage of assisting tools and automating processes, each marketing specialist’s effort efficiency increased by 45% on average.

There are also two more benefits Famesters now can offer their clients: a separate competitor analysis service and full control over campaign management.

  • Competitor analysis can be ordered even if a brand doesn’t want Famesters to manage their campaigns. It allows the agency to act as a consultant or assistant, which widens the range of its services available to different types of clients.
  • Full control is now possible due to full transparency. BuzzGuru allows the agency to invite clients to monitor each influencer marketing campaign in real time, get the data at any minute, see each action Famesters’ marketing specialists and selected influencers take, and adjust anything needed. 


“BuzzGuru is a lifesaver when it comes to automation. With its help, we can focus on what is the most important for any influencer marketing specialist: creative approach, strategizing, communicating with clients and influencers, diving deep and getting insights for each brand and its target audience, setting up everything for a successful campaign,” - says Nadia Bubennikova, Head of Agency at Famesters. 

“Manual work that required a lot of time and prevented us from moving forward and developing faster is now automated; what everyone hated to do for long hours has become a simple click-and-get action and doesn’t need more than a few minutes a day anymore. 

And what’s equally important, we see improved results in our financial statements.”



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