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BuzzGuru revolutionizes influencer marketing with analytics extension

BuzzGuru is a global company specializing in influencer marketing, and it has found a way to make the whole industry more data-driven. BuzzGuru’s mission is to make the job of marketers as efficient and effective as possible, so the company came out with a fresh and free solution. It’s a Google Chrome extension that brings more transparency into influencer marketing and more convenience into the marketers’ and brands’ routine. The extension is made for those who work with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch – all the major global platforms where the most valuable influencers can be found.

Data is what a brand can truly rely on when planning, executing, and evaluating advertising campaigns. The industry demands more data trust and granularity, which brings us all to this: influencer marketing needs an instrument that is both informative and fast and easy to use. 


BuzzGuru’s influencer analytics and marketing intelligence plugin is free. It allows you to see all the vital basic data on the influencers’ accounts right at hand when surfing the social media platforms. This helps discover relevant influencers faster and briefly estimate profits of engaging them in your campaigns, it also cuts out irrelevant accounts right away with no need to get a deep dive into their pages yourself – BuzzGuru has already done it for you and shows the results of the measurements. 

How BuzzGuru measures the data and helps analyze it

The BuzzGuru Chrome extension is connected directly to the BuzzGuru analytics platform’s base with over 27 million influencers’ profiles and their data. The platform was released in 2021 as a competitive intelligence for brands and allows to analyze not only the influencers’ performance and their content, but also brands’ influencer marketing campaigns. 

The data is being collected and updated automatically 24/7, all the measurements are performed by BuzzGuru's algorithms. The platform shows detailed information in forms of graphs and charts. 

The Chrome extension, in its turn, gets the data from the platform and arranges it in a convenient way right on the social media pages. With its help you can learn all the vital performance metrics such as engagement rate, average likes, comments and views, a suggested cost for an influencer’s services, etc. – the particular metrics depend on what you are using the plugin for: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitch.

The BuzzGuru Chrome extension was made as an answer to the marketers’ demand for transparency and greater access to influencer analytics and data measurement. This is an instrument to get more insights that help businesses reach their target audiences and optimize their outcomes.

Competitors’ performance analysis

BuzzGuru for Chrome gives you an opportunity to learn more about your fellow competitors and get insight on their performance marketing campaigns. The plugin automatically defines and shows the brands, apps, and games that a particular influencer whose account you are researching has already mentioned for promotion. 

With this information, you can adjust your own advertising campaigns and choose the influencers with more concern as the plugin shows what influencers and what specific content works better for your type of product or service.


Try BuzzGuru today! Submit for a free trial and check out platform’s capabilities by yourself.