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How to create an unbeatable influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing is an effective way to promote your brand on social media. However, it is not so easy to approach. Find out how to create an effective strategy in the article by BuzzGuru team.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who has an audience on social networks and can impact their lifestyle and buying behavior. The influencer builds trust through the knowledge and experience in certain fields that he or she demonstrates in the blog. Also, the content of influencers can simply be interesting to watch, inspiring and so on.

Therefore, when such a person advertises something on their page, followers perceive it more like a recommendation or advice. So, for example, some of them see that their favorite opinion leader uses this product or service and recommends it. And when they click on the link in the ad, they are ready to make a purchase now or later because influencers usually mark such posts as advertising or sponsored ones.

How can Influencers help your business?

Thus, the influencer profile is a kind of advertising platform. Different brands approach him or her and offer cooperation. You can also do this and promote your brand through opinion leaders’ pages. This kind of promotion is called influencer marketing and is very popular among advertisers.

What is influencer marketing?

So influencer marketing is essentially promoting a product or service through posts on the pages of influencers. However, you can't just turn to anyone with an offer of cooperation. If you want advertising on the opinion leader’s account to be successful and bring you some new customers, you need to adhere to an influencer marketing strategy.

How to create an influencer marketing strategy?

Identify your audience

For your influencer marketing strategy to be successful, you need to identify your audience properly. This is necessary because the portrait of your audience should match the portrait of the subscribers of the opinion leaders. Therefore, before launching an advertising campaign, conduct research and create an image of your brand's target audience if you haven't already done so.

Find influencers in your niche

To start effective influencer marketing, you need to find opinion leaders that are relevant for your product promotion. The ones whose content coincides with your product or service and whose subscribers profile matches your target audience. You can search for them manually or save time and use BuzzGuru. This is a platform that helps you find and evaluate the effectiveness of influencers via smart filters, such as “Channel topic”, “Views”, “Subscribers,” and many others.

Influencers filters

A set of filters for influencers discovery on BuzzGuru

Pitch to the right people

After finding influencers for your niche, you need to decide which of them you should pitch a request for cooperation to. To do this, you need to understand whether your investment in advertising will pay off or not. The BuzzGuru platform will also help you shed light on this. It provides you with the profiles of YouTube and Twitch influencers, which reflect the engagement statistics of their channels and all posts individually.

You can see different channel analytics, such as the average number of views of their videos, the engagement rate, the number of streams or videos per week, and many other indicators. Such statistics will help you identify the right people to pitch to. So you will likely avoid inefficient cooperation.

Channel analytics

Example of channel analytics on the BuzzGuru platform

Create constant сonversation

To create a constant conversation with an influencer you need to get in touch with him or her. BuzzGuru will provide you with this person's contacts. You won't need to search for them by yourself. Also, you will be able to save these contacts in the custom list for later cooperation.

Choose a type of influencer marketing campaign

There are several types of marketing interactions between brands and influencers. Here are the most common ones:

  • Advertising or sponsored content. A text, video, or part of it where the influencer directly or narratively advertises your brand.
  • Giveaways. You can become one of the sponsors and provide your products or services to the participants.
  • Gifts / PR lists. You can send influencers a package with samples of your product or a certificate for your services. And they will do a review if they want to.
  • Guest blogging. Ask the influencer to make content for your account in their style and invite subscribers from their account to view it.
  • Ambassador program. Hire an influencer on an ongoing basis to positively represent the brand on social media and contribute to increased awareness and sales growth.

Create effective content

Make sure that influencers understand the details of your product or service to create compelling content on their social media channels. Send them a detailed description of your positioning, but leave room for creativity. Influencer marketing is based on the author's content because only the opinion leader knows what their audience really likes and will be able to make a successful ad.

Track your outreach

Before you launch an influencer ad, you should take care of tracking his or her outreach. This is the ratio of ad impressions to unique users, and it largely determines the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. You can estimate outreach by using the view statistics of the opinion leaders you are interested in via BuzzGuru.

Measure the results

Always measure the results after the collaboration with the influencer ends. Statistics will let you know whether this campaign was effective and whether it is worth repeating. You should track the number of click-throughs, purchases, subscriptions, sessions, and other metrics. To track click-throughs on a link, insert a UTM tag beforehand.

Influencer marketing strategy examples

On the BuzzGuru platform, you can see examples of influencer marketing campaigns that have been on YouTube and Twitch. This will help you find inspiration for your own ad integrations and take a look at the strategy of competitors who have been successfully buying advertising from influencers for a long time.

Make your influencer marketing strategy better with BuzzGuru

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What is an influencer marketing strategy?

An influencer marketing strategy is a plan to promote a brand through advertising on the pages of opinion leaders on social media. The main advice in creating a sustainable influencer marketing strategy is to choose influencers whose portrait of subscribers matches the portrait of the target audience of your product or service.

How do you create an influencer marketing strategy?

Start by writing down your marketing goals and key performance indicators. Research the statistics of views of the influencers you are interested in via BuzzGuru. Decide how much effort and which influencers you should engage to achieve your goals, and take action.

What makes influencer marketing successful?

Many factors make influencer marketing successful, and we described them in the article. The main element can be called the coincidence of the portrait of the subscribers of the opinion leader and your target audience. The potential interest in your product or service, the level of trust of the audience in the influencer’s opinions, and other factors are also important.

How do influencers use Internet marketing strategy?

Opinion leaders earn various benefits from the brands' Internet marketing strategies. Collaborations bring them money or desired services and products. And companies, in return, get customers among new audiences and increase brand awareness.

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