REPORT: Influencer marketing benchmarks and trends 2023

How to work with influencers — Full 2023 Guide

Online influencers are significant figures in modern internet marketing. With the right influencer marketing strategy, you can showcase your product to new potential customers and get more sales. You will find a complete guide on how to get influencers to promote your brand in the article from the BuzzGuru team.

What are social media influencers?

Online influencers are people with blogs on social networks and subscribers from a thousand to several million. They publish content about their lifestyle, book & movie reviews, fashion tips, life hacks, expertise in certain fields, and so on. Followers trust their opinions on many aspects of life, so they are also called opinion leaders. They are reviewers, professional gamers, musicians, artists, celebrities, and others. We wrote about the most common types of social media influencers earlier.

Why should you work with influencers?

Most influencers make money by publishing ads for various brands on their blogs. In the language of marketers, this is called influencer marketing, when the platform for ads is a blog. Users trust such ads more than Facebook or Google ads because they usually look very natural, like a product recommendation and not like the advertising.

The thing is that an influencer has the right tone of voice and communicates closely with the audience. There is no great distance between the brand and the consumer since the opinion leader recommends the product. And when you are setting up ads through Google Ads or Ads Managers of social networks, this distance is significantly larger. It is more difficult to overcome and lead a potential buyer to purchase.

Try finding relevant influencers for your product promotion, negotiate the offer, and estimate the results. Perhaps this will open up another way for you to advertise your brand online. Opinion leaders' followers have a clear portrait, so just find an influencer whose followers match your target audience.

Example of paid promotion

An example of an online influencer that promotes products

Where to find the right influencers?

How to find influencers to promote your brand? You can search for them manually on social networks or use the automatic BuzzGuru platform. Use our service now and get the following benefits:

  • Fast and precise search on social networks Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram.
  • Smart filters by topic, number of subscribers, broadcast language, and others.
  • Ability to view statistics on the quality of the account and the number of views.
  • Open contacts of online influencers and information about the advertising price.

How to get influencers to promote your product?

  1. Add the influencers you like to the list in your account at BuzzGuru.
  2. Select those whose blog quality and ad placement price suits you.
  3. Contact an online influencer with an offer to promote your product.
  4. Wait for a response, create the task assignment (or a Brief), sign a contract, and start cooperation.

Popular social media influencers on Twitch

The most popular streamers on Twitch by subscribers number for the spring of 2021, according to BuzzGuru statistics:

  1. Ninja. 16.67M subscribers, 147.49k views.
  2. Tfue. 10.29M subscribers, 151.63k views.
  3. Shroud. 9.09M subscribers, 384.81k views.
  4. Rubius. 9.06M subscribers, 396.23k views.
  5. Auronplay. 8.59M subscribers, 376.99k views.
  6. Pokimane. 7.78M subscribers, 253.82k views.
  7. TheGrefg. 7.31M subscribers, 168.39k views.
  8. TimTheTatman. 6.58M subscribers, 190.13k views.
  9. Ibai. 5.99M subscribers, 271.83k views.
  10. Summit1g. 5.9M subscribers, 286.16k views.

Top social influencers on YouTube

The most popular accounts on YouTube by subscribers number for the spring of 2021, according to BuzzGuru service statistics:

  1. T-Series. 182M subscribers, 97.07k views.
  2. Cocomelon — Nursery Rhymes. 111M subscribers, 12.43M views.
  3. PewDiePie. 110M subscribers, 2.62M views.
  4. SET India. 104M subscribers, 67.21k views.
  5. Kids Diana Show. 78.5M subscribers, 4.95M views.
  6. WWE. 77.1M subscribers, 169.43k views.
  7. Like Nastya. 73.8M subscribers, 11.51M views.
  8. Zee Music Company. 72.9M subscribers, 67.21k views.
  9. 5-Minute Crafts. 72.3M subscribers, 724.92M views.
  10. Vlad and Niki. 67.7M subscribers, 52.32M views.

Step by step guide on working with social media influencers

Step 1: determine your target audience

Before you start advertising your brand, you need to decide what audience you are selling your product to. This is especially important in influencer marketing because it determines the choice of an opinion leader for cooperation. It is also best not to address your entire audience as a whole but to one of its segments so that the ad "hits" more accurately.

Step 2: find social media influencers with the right audience

The description of the influencer's subscribers must match the description of your target audience, otherwise; the ad will not make sense. Find the right influencers through the smart BuzzGuru filters. Among the filters are сhannel topic, game genres, views, subscribers, and others.

Filter settings in the BuzzGuru interface

Step 3: analyze the statistics of each influencer

Before sending media influencers a cooperation offer, analyze their accounts. You can collect views and likes manually or check out this data on BuzzGuru. To do this, go to the opinion leader profile on our platform. There you can see different indicators and the approximate price that a person charges for advertising. We calculate the price using a special formula based on the average CPM for the region and the average number of views per video for this influencer.

Statistics of a Twitch streamer

Basic statistics of a Twitch streamer on BuzzGuru

Step 4: offer cooperation to influencers

Reach out to the Influencer and make them an offer to advertise your product in their profile. BuzzGuru will help you to create a clear offer. In the service interface, you can view the statistics of releases, the recommended time for publication on a particular channel, and choose the best time to promote your product. Our platform also predicts the approximate cost of advertising, so you can directly suggest a price that suits them.

Step 5: analyze the results of the promotion

Be sure to collect statistics on the conversion of online influencers’ followers to buyers of your brand. This will help you to understand whether placing ads was worth the money spent or not. If the ads were successful, add the influencers to the list in the BuzzGuru platform to save their contacts until the next integration.


Collaborating with social media influencers to promote your product is easy with BuzzGuru. Look for influencers at our platform; we have already collected their contacts for you. Study their statistics in our interface and send them suggestions for cooperation.

For influencers to agree to cooperate with you and promote your brand, you must match them in terms of content and values. Also, be polite and not intrusive during communication, fulfill your side of the contract on time. This will build your reputation as a good advertiser.

Working with influencers begins with contacting them. Then business communication takes place in a convenient way for all parties by mail or instant messenger. It is better to discuss all the nuances of cooperation in correspondence so that you have something to appeal within the case of a conflict.

The bigger the average number of views and display capacity influencers have, the more their rates for advertising are. Prices can reach up to several hundred thousand dollars and even millions. But there are opinion leaders who do not charge large amounts for promotion. Thanks to BuzzGuru's smart filters, you will find influencers whose cooperation cost fits your advertising budget.


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