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BuzzGuru Presents Its New Search and Analytics Tool for Instagram

Great news for everyone who wants to prepare and manage their influencer marketing campaigns wisely! BuzzGuru now has a new tool for working with Instagram influencers. From now on, our marketing platform supports four social media platforms – YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch – and becomes the influencer marketing platform with the largest database of over 25 million content creators.

“Expanding BuzzGuru marketing intelligence with the Instagram analytics is a natural next step of our current offering and our long-term vision,” said Pavel Beinia, CEO and Founder, BuzzGuru. “Digital influencers of all kinds drive the marketing world in 2022, so we know we need to embrace the most platforms possible, and Instagram was one of our priorities. Enriching our platform’s capabilities with Instagram search and analytics tool, we’re filling the gap for app and game developers that are the main customers now. And what’s more, we open up new horizons for e-commerce brands offering them an all-in-one influencer marketing discovery and competitive intelligence platform for their needs”.

BuzzGuru provides the most detailed statistics on influencers’ performance. The Instagram influencer page contains data on the influencer account quality: engagement rate, the average number of likes and comments; shows the account’s growth and activity dynamics, gives insights on the prices for the influencer's services and predicts possible coverage. BuzzGuru also checks on the influencer’s audience authenticity and gives information on its demographics.

See how the new tool works in detail.

Selecting Instagram influencers

The Instagram influencers tab is on the left, it goes right after the YouTube tab. If nothing is specified, you see the page with the most popular Instagram accounts that have the largest numbers of followers.

Discover Instagram influencers

The tool allows you to sort influencers by the number of subscribers or the average number of likes, ER, account’s overall quality, and the cost of services. The list also shows the influencer’s spoken language.

You can search for particular influencers using words that can possibly be in their accounts’ names.


On the left, near the search bar, there is a button that uncovers our filters. To find Instagram Influencer Marketing Platform that are most relevant for your advertising campaign, use the most filters possible. But you don’t have to use all of them: feel free to experiment, there are no limitations to filter use.

Instagram filters

The main filters are by:

  • subscribers;
  • likes;
  • ER;
  • category;
  • country;
  • language;
  • influencer’s gender;
  • verified (or not) accounts.

You can also choose to see particular types of accounts: Business, Creator, Personal; sort the accounts by whether they are private or public. BuzzGuru also provides influencer’s contacts if it’s possible, so you can choose the types of contacts.

Instagram influencers' contacts

The tool calculates the overall account quality, comparing it with the accounts of the same level. Choose the best for your campaigns.

Instagram account quality

What’s on the influencer’s page

Now to the influencer’s page. First of all, you get general information about the account’s performance. The link to the Insta-page, the influencer’s account name, their spoken language, the category, the profile description. Here also are the current number of subscribers, the average number of likes and comments per post, possible coverage, and ER.

Selena Gomez on Instagram

The next table shows the quality of the account and the details. ER, the numbers of likes and comments are calculated based on the latest 10 posts’ performance and are compared to those of the accounts from the same league. Also, BuzzGuru checks whether the likes were purchased by the influencer: if the distribution of likes score is too low, you probably shouldn’t trust the creator.

Instagram account quality

Next, you can see the account activity dynamics. It shows whether the account is growing and if yes, then how fast; whether it’s stable in the means of getting likes and new followers.

Selena Gomez activity chart on Instagram

Then you can evaluate the activity for the last 10 posts, see how many likes and comments they got. This helps to predict how the influencer’s ad post for your campaign may perform.

Instagram activity chart

And you immediately get the information on the possible price per post and the predicted number of the audience’s interactions with the post. Note that BuzzGuru calculates the prices based on the CPM by region (you can also see it here), and sometimes big names want more for their services simply because of their overall popularity.

Price for post on Instagram

The audience data

Let’s get to the audience statistics. The tool evaluates the audience and likes credibility as unfortunately some influencers tend to buy subscribers and likes to make their accounts seem more attractive to advertisers. This is a fraud, we help unleash it.


Next, you can see where the influencer’s followers live and what languages they speak.

Audience geo and language

Choose “Likes statistics” to see this information on those who liked the posts.

Likes stats

Same for the audience genders and ages. You can choose to sort by likes or subscribers.

Audience stats

And here’s a deeper insight into the audience’s preferences. BuzzGuru shows which brands the audience interacts with the most on Instagram and which categories it is interested in. Same here for your choice to see the subscribers or those who liked the posts.

Brand affinity and interests

The content evaluation

See the content analytics to gain more data on how the audience reacts to the creator’s posts. Here are the likes and comments counts, the rate of distribution of likes, and ER.

Content analytics

This table shows the places of the account on different lists of TOP influencers: in the whole world, by country, by language.

Account rating

And here is the list of the hashtags that the influencer uses the most. It helps you learn more about their personality, see what topics they are most interested in. Or what brands they are loyal to.


The Mentions table shows what accounts are most frequently mentioned by the influencer. It will also help you learn more about the person and see what accounts are connected to theirs – maybe they will be of use to your advertising campaign too.

Instagram mentions

And the posts themselves, of course! The most popular of them and those that are also sponsored ones – all of them are gathered in one place for you to check on by BuzzGuru.



We want you to get the most profit at once and save the most time, so the AI selects the accounts that look similar to the one you’ve chosen. Pay some attention to them – they can possibly become your ad channels as well as the one you’re looking at.

Similar accounts on Instagram

Try the Instagram search and analytics tool now and make your next advertising campaign as profitable as possible. Search for relevant Instagram influencers, select the best of them, analyze their performance and content… oh, wait! BuzzGuru has already done the work, it’s time to use the results for your success. Book a demo with one of our experts to learn more or try the platform right now.

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