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Why SEGA uses the BuzzGuru platform: see how the game giant promotes its products

SEGA is a legendary game publisher from Japan that has been on the market for 60 years already. Now, it’s one of the industry’s most significant game software producers, which it has released across the globe. SEGA is well known for being one of the industry’s largest producers of video game software, which it has released across the globe, and has even been recognized by Guinness World Records, as it’s one of the most prolific game producers in the whole world. Despite being an old and well-known company, SEGA is always up to date and never stops with its promotion, especially when it comes to new products. We are proud to say that one of the marketing instruments it uses for advertising means is the BuzzGuru discovery and analytics platform. See how SEGA uses it and learn from the best!

Challenges & Solutions

SEGA is majorly aimed at gamers from the Tier-1 regions, namely Asia (with an emphasis on Japan), Europe, and the US. They use the BuzzGuru platform to collect information on influencers from around the world. Main platforms of interest are those where the gaming community is big and strong: YouTube, Twitch, and also TikTok. Why are influencers that important for game promotion? SEGA has a great answer:

“We think influencer marketing is moving into a phase of using it to build community. To do this, we want to collect more information about micro-influencers, not mega-influencers. We also want to watch influencers on sites other than YouTube”, – says Daichi Mukai, Creative Video Teams Section Manager at SEGA Corporation.

Micro-influencers – those who have from 10 to 100 thousand followers – are really on the rise these days, many brands make a bet on them as their audiences are responsive and perceptive. 

Another reason for SEGA to use BuzzGuru is competitor analysis. The company looks at the number of posts for each game title over time. It also works for observing SEGA’s own performance with its game titles.

BuzzGuru is not the first marketing platform SEGA has used over time. Formerly, they used to use a major platform in Japan, but it didn't give data on influencers outside of Japan and was limited to YouTube only. Sure, Japan is one of the primary countries of interest for SEGA, but not the only one, as well as YouTube is a great platform for influencer marketing, but there are more. BuzzGuru lets you track video posts and their data around the world by influencer research and game titles.


The functions BuzzGuru provides help SEGA analyze the world game market as a whole as well as separate parts of it and single influencers, game titles and brands. The analysis, in its turn, helps build successful game promotion strategies in all the chosen regions, not only Japan, and expand the company’s marketing campaigns to platforms other than YouTube – Twitch and TikTok.

SEGA about BuzzGuru


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