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TOP-10 gaming YouTube channels to benefit your business

The gaming industry never stands still. Today's idols are unlikely to remain in demand tomorrow. Except for truly unique talents. Therefore, the list of the TOP YouTube gamers is updated regularly. Of course, love for some of them does not pass for years, and they stay on top for almost a decade. 

However, in addition to the famous influencers, the stream of rising stars does not dry out. This review is dedicated to the best YouTube gaming channels at the moment. Having plunged into the changing world of streaming, with the help of the BuzzGuru analytics platform we managed to select 10 bright creators attractive to businesses wishing to start an influencer marketing campaign. 

If you want to find out which TOP YouTube game reviewers to follow and how our platform helps to research the selected influencers, check out this article!


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This channel is one of the greatest YouTube successes ever. Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, is a Swedish gamer and YouTuber. With 111 000 000 subscribers, his channel is among the most viewed and subscribed. He launched his YouTube channel in 2010, where he posted gaming videos. Three years later, in 2013, his channel became the most-watched on YouTube. Over time, PewDiePie's channel has fallen behind in terms of the number of subscribers, yet he tops the list of individual YouTubers with the biggest number of subscribers.

The BuzzGuru platform helps to get all the necessary analytics about this channel. Thus, you can quickly observe the channel’s ratings:

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Moreover, you can easily get information about all the mobile apps that were mentioned on this channel:

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And if you are interested in starting an ad campaign to promote your new game, you can study all the games that were mentioned by this creator:

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Juega German

Screenshot_5 (3)

Germán Garmendia is a Chilean YouTuber and comedy writer who hosts one of the most popular YouTube channels, JuegaGerman. This channel has 45 800 000 million subscribers. The influencer has 3 other YouTube channels for his other activities. 

The BuzzGuru platform allows you to get all the analytics you may need to start an ad campaign with Germán. Thus, you can observe the overall number of views and the estimated number of video views for 30 days: 

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Besides, you can overview all the brands, websites, and games mentioned in the videos of this YouTuber for promotion. Moreover, you can observe the most-watched games on this channel of all time in the special section:

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Screenshot_8 (2)

Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado, known as Fernanfloo, is a Salvadoran YouTuber. His channel has 45 000 000 million subscribers, which is more than the population of the country he lives in, El Salvador. Fernanfloo is one of the most popular Spanish-speaking YouTubers. On his channel, he publishes mostly gaming and entertaining videos.

This creator has various channels on several platforms. The BuzzGuru solution allows you to study all of them. To do so, on the profile page of the creator, pay attention to the social networks buttons under the channel’s banner image:

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Felipe Neto

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Felipe Neto is a Brazilian YouTuber, actor, and writer. His channel was the first in Brazil to reach 1 million subscribers and now he has more than 44 000 000 subscribers. He broadcasts in Portuguese. Felipe frequently posts gaming and entertaining videos on his channel.

With the help of our platform, you can not only analyze the influencer’s statistics but also see the estimated cost of the possible integration with this creator:

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Note that it’s automatically counted based on the influencer’s region’s CPM.


Screenshot_13 (2)

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, aka elrubiusOMG, is a famous Spanish YouTuber. The content on his channel is dedicated to gaming, and he also publishes some comedy vlogs. At the moment, his channel is one of the TOP in terms of the number of subscribers in Spain.

If you want to discover the brands mentioned on the channel, there is a special section - “Brands mentions”. It provides the information about the sites mentioned in the video descriptions, the number of views for such videos, and the date of their publications:

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Screenshot_15 (2)

Samuel de Luque, the owner of the VEGETTA777 channel, is a Spanish YouTuber who makes videos on gaming topics. His channel has 33 000 000 subscribers and is among the TOP YouTube channels in Spain. The creator is well-known among Spanish-speaking audiences from all over the world for uploading various gaming videos.

With the help of the BuzzGuru platform, you can see what applications were mentioned on the channel for promotion. This information is available in the “Brands mentions” section:

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However, for informed decision-making regarding possible cooperation, you may need some detailed information about the previous experiences of the influencer with brands. 

We offer this information in the “Applications” section: 

Screenshot_17 (2) 

Here you can observe all the applications that were mentioned on the channel with the overall number of videos, the number of videos containing advertising, publishing dates, and advertising budgets estimated by BuzzGuru. This information is useful to get a clearer understanding of the creator’s experience.


Screenshot_18 (2)

Mark Edward Fischbach aka Markiplier is an American YouTuber. On his channel with 33 million subscribers, Mark posts walkthrough videos, mostly of survival horror games.

Review all the games mentioned for promotion on Mark’s channel on the BuzzGuru platform: we’ve collected all the mentions in a separate section for quick and convenient analysis:

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Total Gaming

Screenshot_20 (1)

The voice of the now popular Total Gaming channel is Ajay from India. His channel is relatively new, he only became active at the end of 2018 but already has more than 32 million subscribers. The channel offers a good mix of live streams, “tips and tricks” videos, and featurettes that keep the content interesting.

The channel also has a good engagement rate and is on the TOP-100 YouTube channels in the world:




Mikecrack from Spain launched his channel back in 2015. He spends a lot of time creating content about Minecraft, Fortnite, Free Fire, and Roblox. He sometimes shows his face on the channel, but viewers are mostly used to seeing him with the animated dog mask he puts on his character's face whenever he uploads gameplay videos.

The BuzzGuru platform helps you to receive all the necessary information before starting an influencer marketing campaign with a particular creator. One of the important metrics to keep in mind is the video views forecast for 30 days. This metric allows you to get an image of how many views a video with your ads may get over 30 days. For example, the forecast for Mikecrack’s videos is the following:




Sean William McLaughlin, who makes videos under the pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTuber speaking English. His channel has the highest number of subscribers in Ireland, and he continues to post videos almost every day. 

Before involving a creator in an ad campaign, it is important to have an image of what the sponsored videos on this channel look like, what kinds of creatives he might offer. Our platform provides you with such an opportunity, learn what Jacksepticeye’s ads look like:


You can observe all the sponsored videos in detail, see the number of views and likes, and discover all the brands mentioned in such videos.


Gamers are one of the key target audiences of influencer marketing. Even though they may sometimes be a bit skeptical about advertising or may even force classic branding to be adapted to the conditions of their environment, cooperation with them brings profit. YouTubers focused on gaming video production know their audience very well and can largely engage their viewers, that is why involving them in your influencer marketing campaign can bring good results.

The BuzzGuru analytics platform facilitates the process of finding the influencers for your ad campaigns. Try our solution and save time for business development. Automate the manual work you have to do to select the right influencers - leave it to BuzzGuru!

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