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TOP-10 yoga YouTube channels for brand's influencer marketing campaign

Gaining strength, flexibility, and inner harmony - it's all about yoga. It helps keep in good shape not only the body but also the mood. What is especially meaningful - people can practice yoga at home. They only need a strong desire to practice, a rug, and a good YouTube video tutorial. 

In case you are promoting a new health mobile app or searching for customers for your healthy lifestyle products, starting an influencer marketing campaign with a competent and inspiring YouTuber can be an excellent strategy to follow. BuzzGuru is here to help you discover the TOP-10 yoga YouTube channels worth paying attention to. Our analytics platform makes the search process quick and easy, and below we’ll show you how it works.

Yoga with Adriene

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"Yoga with Adriene" is probably the most famous free YouTube channel with yoga lessons in English. Its host Adriene Mishler has even been called the "queen of YouTube yoga." The reason for her popularity (and Adriene has more than 11 million subscribers) is her motto - "Find what you like". Analyzing her profile on the BuzzGuru platform you’ll see that Adriene offers a rich variety of videos on her channel for every type of yoga lover, which means that starting an ad campaign with this influencer can bring good results.

Boho Beautiful Yoga

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Viewers like the Boho Beautiful Yoga YouTube channel as it allows killing two birds with one stone: together with its authors Juliana and Mark, people can travel to the most beautiful corners of the planet, and, of course, practice yoga. 

In addition, on the channel, you can find quick recipes for healthy smoothies, life hacks for tourists, descriptions of meditation practices, and much more. This makes the channel suitable for a bigger variety of ad campaigns. Juliana and Mark speak English and have almost 2.5 million subscribers. 

The Yoga Institute

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This YouTube channel broadcasts directly from India but in English. It already has more than 2 million subscribers, and as you can notice from what the BuzzGuru platform shows, new videos come several times a week:

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Another interesting feature is that this channel still doesn’t have any sponsored videos, so you can probably become the first to start an ad campaign with such a popular YouTuber:

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And finally, this influencer has recently launched a new channel in Hindi. It is only gaining popularity on YouTube, but it looks very promising for those wishing to reach not only English-speaking audiences:

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Yoga with Kassandra

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Kassandra Reinhardt is a yoga instructor from Canada. She is the founder of one of the top YouTube yoga channels with 2 million subscribers. Also, she has published her own book on yoga practice.

Kassandra’s main idea is to create affordable and simple yoga lessons so that students can practice in the comfort of their own homes. An ad campaign with this influencer can become successful: according to the content analytics available on the BuzzGuru platform, this YouTube channel has an average engagement rate (slightly higher than similar channels have) and a good distribution of likes. 

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Xuan Lan Yoga

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Here is a big yoga YouTube channel with Spanish broadcasting language. Xuan Lan Yoga channel has 1.7 million subscribers and over 23 thousand views on average on its videos. The engagement rate is slightly lower than that of the previous influencer. If you want to understand what type of ads this channel can suggest to you, check the sponsored videos that are already available:

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Yoga For The Globe

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Despite the creator being from India, the broadcast language of the channel is English. The channel has more than 1.4 million subscribers and its videos get over 50 thousand views on average. 

The engagement rate is higher than that of the previous creators on our list. There are some sites mentioned in sponsored videos on the Yoga For The Globe channel, check them up on the BuzzGuru platform:

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Dr Manoj Yogacharya

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The next yoga YouTube channel on our list is Dr Manoj Yogacharya. This influencer is from India and the videos are in Hindi. The channel already has more than 1.3 million subscribers, and the average views count is more than 19 thousand. 

On the BuzzGuru platform, you can see that this channel has a good distribution of likes, which means that the creator hardly pays for likes - they come from real people. What is more, the channel has quite a good engagement rate - it’s higher than the average one on similar channels.

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Cosmic Kids Yoga

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Well, this English-language YouTube channel from the United Kingdom will come in handy for families with children. It focuses primarily on the latter, but adults can also connect and work out with their children. Or, finally, take some time for themselves while the youngest members of their family do yoga.

The channel can boast more than 1.3 million subscribers. The BuzzGuru platform offers you detailed statistics showing how the number of views changed within a week. For example, in June, this YouTuber gained more than 100 thousand views every day:

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Pri Leite Yoga

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This YouTuber is based in Brazil and all her videos are in Portuguese. She has 1 280 000 subscribers, the channel has the average engagement rate for this category.

With the help of the BuzzGuru platform, you can follow even the days when a creator publishes videos. For example, this YouTuber prefers releasing videos every 2 weeks and does so on Sundays only:

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Thought Yoga

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This channel with more than 1.1 million subscribers is from the yoga Motherland - India. The broadcasting language is Hindi. The channel is dedicated not only to the physical aspects of yoga but to spiritual practices as well. 

You can see that this TOP yoga channel has good content analytics indicators. Thus, the distribution of likes is excellent, and the number of comments is also good:


Wrapping Up

Yoga as a hobby is gaining momentum. Starting an influencer marketing campaign with a TOP YouTuber is an excellent way to promote your brand. And the BuzzGuru discovery and analytics platform is here to help you find YouTube influencer! Use our platform, find your influencer, cooperate, and win the competition!

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