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TOP YouTube Business Channels to Engage in Your Marketing Campaign

This time, we provide a selection of popular YouTube channels that will be useful for both novice entrepreneurs and those who have been in business for a long time. If this is exactly your target audience, then our TOP business channels may be just right to engage in your influencer marketing campaign.   

The review we’ve prepared with the help of the BuzzGuru discovery and analytics platform includes channels of prestigious business publications, educational projects, and companies, as well as author blogs of well-known entrepreneurs, and managers with extensive experience who share their practical experience, ideas, and useful solutions.

With our platform, you’ll find the necessary creators for your ad campaign and study their performance. Let’s see how it works on the example of the TOP 10 YouTube business channels. 


TED on YouTube

TED (abbreviation for Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is an American private non-profit foundation, best known for its annual conferences.

The mission of the conference is to spread unique ideas (“ideas worth spreading”), selected lectures are available on the conference website and YouTube channel. Lecture topics are varied: science, art, design, politics, culture, business, global issues, technology, and entertainment. The list of speakers in different years included such famous personalities as the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton, Nobel laureates James Watson, Murray Gell-Mann, as well as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

This YouTube channel has 21 600 000 subscribers. On our platform, you can quickly study the key statistics in the “Overview” section:

YouTube channel overview

Business Insider

Business Insider on YouTube

Business Insider is one of the world's leading news portals with a unique style of information aggregation and processing.

Unlike analytical agencies, Business Insider publishes analytical news with comments within a few hours of its availability without waiting for a comparison with corporate financial reports, but the information is always based on authoritative sources.

Sometimes, to decide on cooperation with the influencer, you need to look at the channel’s rating. And the BuzzGuru platform provides you with this opportunity:

YouTube channel rating

For example, the Business Insider channel is rated 72 in the “News and Politics” category.


GaryVee on YouTube

Gary Vaynerchuk is the owner of VaynerMedia. He also invests in and runs several businesses. In 2017, according to Forbes, he headed the top authoritative influencers in social networks worldwide. Gary writes books, acts as a business coach and a consultant.

In the United States, he is known as Gary Vee and is loved for his energy. In the videos on his YouTube channel, Gary motivates those who want to make money. He believes that only what you love can make you happy and bring success: “I just love the entrepreneurial process itself. I have seen many people become miserable in the pursuit of money. Therefore, you need to stop dreaming about how to earn millions and concentrate on developing the business. And of course, you should not do things that you hate.”

Gary knows how to earn money. However, to start an advertising campaign with him, it is necessary to know how much money you will need. With the help of the BuzzGuru platform, you can study the approximate cost of integration with the channel as well as compare it with others:

approximate cost of integration

The approximate cost of integration on our platform is calculated based on several indicators, such as CPM by region (in this case, it is the USA), engagement rate, account quality, and audience age. The final cost may vary, especially in case with such entrepreneurs as Gary who may be valued more as influencers with highly solvent audiences.

Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals

Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals

Bloomberg L.P. is one of the two leading American providers of financial information for professional participants in the financial markets. Quicktake is Bloomberg's social media brand. 

Starting an influencer marketing campaign with a YouTube channel, it is necessary to understand its potential and study the number of video views. With the help of our platform, you can easily examine the dynamics of video views. Here’s an example of the dynamics on the Bloomberg channel:

dynamics of video views


Nerdwriter1 on YouTube

The author of this YouTube channel with more than 3 million subscribers publishes videos with instructions on how to apply storytelling in filming, music, and media - with practical examples. As media presence is a necessity for every business today, this channel can be of interest for both startups and brands with a long story.

The channel has experience with publishing advertising videos. You can observe them in the special section on our platform:

Sponsored videos on YouTube

Fox Business

Fox Business on YouTube

Fox Business is the official YouTube channel of an American business news pay-TV channel owned by the Fox News Media division of Fox Corporation. The channel publishes videos dedicated to business and financial news. The list of direct competitors includes such giants as Bloomberg and CNBC. 

If you wish to start an influencer marketing campaign, it is necessary to understand how often the videos appear on the channel. Using the BuzzGuru platform, you can easily study the video release schedule, and here’s the schedule of Fox Business:

video release schedule

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business on YouTube

This is the YouTube channel of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, one of the seven professional schools at Stanford University. The channel releases recordings of lectures, interviews, and speeches by famous entrepreneurs.

When you are looking forward to starting an advertising campaign with a YouTuber, it is useful to get an impression of the previous ad integrations on this channel. The BuzzGuru platform provides you with such an opportunity, for example, here are the brands mentioned on the Stanford Graduate School channel:

brands mentioned on YouTube


Forbes on youTube

The list of TOP Business YouTube channels would not be complete without Forbes. This is the YouTube version of the famous American financial and economic magazine, one of the most authoritative and well-known economic publications in the world. 

Forbes's YouTube channel publishes videos about successful business projects, stories of project failures and their causes, the life and work of famous entrepreneurs, and causes and consequences of high-profile events. 

Note that if you search for this channel on the BuzzGuru platform, you will find its “sibling” - the Forbes Breaking News channel with the same number of subscribers but a different type of videos:

Forbes Breaking News

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

Another business school channel, this time - of the famous Harvard University. The channel publishes not only new materials, but also archival videos - such as speeches of successful graduates for current students. 

With the help of our platform, you don’t have to waste your time collecting and calculating the number of comments under the videos or other useful statistics - we have already prepared everything in handy charts, like these made for the Harvard Business School channel:

Distribution of likes on YouTube


DevTips YouTube

This is a channel about web development, which may be of interest to non-professionals in this field as well as entrepreneurs who work with high-tech. It is run by front-end developer Umar Hansa from London. He posts his speeches at conferences, interviews with colleagues, such as engineers from Google, and shares reviews of the most important events in the world of development. In his videos, this YouTuber talks about useful tools for developers and other representatives of the IT industry and visits the offices of large companies.

You may have already seen Umar’s videos, surfing some hashtags. And yes, one of the ways to find YouTube influencer is to search by the hashtags. Here, you can see whether Umar Hansa fits your upcoming marketing campaign. For your convenience, we’ve collected the hashtags used on the channel in a special chart:

YouTube hashtags


Business channels are trending today. Many people are wondering how to start a business from scratch and not burn out, how to invest a little and gain a lot, and how to work with partners. The list is endless. Therefore, those who can help start and grow a business are gaining popularity so quickly.

We hope that our selection of TOP 10 business YouTube channels has been useful for you if you are getting ready to start an advertising campaign engaging such channels. Don't forget that with the BuzzGuru discovery and analytics platform, finding the right influencer is a quick and easy process that saves you time and effort.

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